Individuals, Couples & Families

Whether you are planning for yourself, for you and your spouse or partner, or for your entire extended family, VMI will help you:

how we help

Develop and maintain your financial plan
A financial planner is an essential member of your professional advising team. We partner with accountants, estate lawyers, and investment managers to offer cohesive, customized strategic planning.

Manage your investments
As part of a larger portfolio or as your exclusive manager, we’ll employ our time-tested, loss-averse investment strategies: trusted for over three decades in business to focus on making respectable returns in most market environments while limiting significant losses.

Minimize your taxes 
Careful tax planning can have an equal or greater impact on your portfolio than investment selection. We specialize in tax efficient investments so you can keep more of the money you earn.

Incorporate variable life insurance and variable annuities into your plan 
We’ve slogged through the jungle of rip-off annuity and insurance products to find the best. And, we know how to use them to your advantage. Private placement variable life insurance and private placement variable annuities are under-used vehicles that have been a mainstay of our success. Their low costs and high tax efficiency make these products an excellent solution for current income, retirement planning, and even estate planning needs.

Your Trust

Our clients include trusts of all kinds, including grantor trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, charitable lead annuity trusts (CLATs), and charitable remainder unitrusts (CRUTs).

Whether you want to create a trust or to manage an existing one better, our strategic combination of financial planning, tax planning, and investment management can help trusts:

how we help

Solve estate planning problems
Choosing the right type of trust can solve complicated estate planning issues and reduce estate taxes.

Manage investments 
As your trust’s manager, we are able to employ our relatively conservative strategy, time tested over three decades in business: avoid significant losses while making respectable returns in most market environments.

Minimize taxes 
Trusts, even charitable ones, are subject to tax, generally at a higher graduated rate than individuals. Careful planning can reduce tax obligations so your trust grows faster.

Your Charitable Organization

VMI founder Robert Levenson has always been committed to philanthropy, a value passed on to his sons, and as always, a core value of VMI. We typically work with charitable organizations over many years, becoming a trusted financial partner. Our services for nonprofits will help your organization:

how we help

Spend less time and money on fundraising
Our investment strategy, to try to avoid significant losses while making respectable returns in most market environments, will protect your organization's most valuable asset: the endowment.

Start an endowment
If your organization doesn’t already have an endowment, we’ll help you create one and fund it.

Manage an endowment
As part of a larger portfolio or as exclusive manager, we employ our relatively conservative investment strategies. Targeting stable return and low risk, our style is well suited for use in the management of deployable charitable assets.

Administer charitable trusts
If your organization’s planned giving program is small or non-existent, adding trust services to your donors will benefit them and your mission over the long term. Trusts are an excellent means of establishing a pipeline of future support.

Fund new initiatives
Through our venture philanthropy networks, we may be able to connect your organization with seed funding.

Our successes over the past thirty years include: