Where to Park Cash

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Even before Silicon Valley Bank failed after a bank run, but much more so since it did on March 10th, clients have been asking about where to put money where they can have peace of mind that their assets will be safe while at the same time benefiting from some modest income generation. Interest rates are substantially higher than they have been for many years. Many banks are pushing CDs on their customers, but that ties up your money for the term of the CD you choose. Market conditions can change quickly. You may be unhappy if your money is tied up when you want to access it – either because your investments are going up or because interest rates have risen so that you can take advantage of a higher yielding instrument, CD or otherwise.

With short-term Treasury yields above 4%, why not consider a money market fund or short-term bond ETF? Here are some examples:

None of the above takes into account your unique financial situation. If you would like to discuss what choices might be suitable for you, you can schedule a time to talk with us here.