Carmina Rivera

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

“I have minimal interaction with clients, but I see how much Mark and Dave really care about them.”

Carmina has lived in California for more than 30 years since moving from the Philippines, where she studied accounting in college. “This is what I like doing best,” she says, so when she saw VMI’s job posting for a bookkeeper, she jumped at the opportunity and joined the firm in 2016. Previously, she spent 18 years working as the accountant and office manager for a 12-person law firm in San Francisco. She feels right at home in smaller companies which offer a greater variety of work and where everyone knows each other. “VMI is a family. They’re caring and respectful of each other.” Carmina likes to read, walk, and visit her family in southern California, and one day she’d like to return to Europe and visit Paris. Carmina has two grown children.

Favorite sports team: Golden State Warriors

Favorite movie: Meet Joe Black